Become an Arts Denman Member Now!

Your membership shows that the community is vested in Arts Denman and supports the work we do. Arts Denman would not be able to exist without grants and we would not get grants without your membership. Fees collected are used for arts education grants for Denman Island residents and for community outreach. Help support the arts on Denman Island. If you are already an Arts Denman member, please renew your membership. It only costs $10. You may mail your cheque to Arts Denman, Box 23, Denman Island, BC, V0R 1T0, or you may leave your cheque or cash in the Freepost at the Abraxas Bookstore. Write your cheque to Arts Denman and include your name, address, email address and phone number. You will receive a membership card as your receipt.

10.00 CAD